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Become a virtual MVPD.

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WORLDPIPE’S virtual set top box (VSTB) 

When drafting the requirements for launching a successful OTT strategy, you must be able to integrate a conditional access (CA) component in order to comply with legacy rebroadcast contracts. Historically, endpoint and set top box security have been ensured with the use of CableCARDs. The CableCARD is a physical hardware/PC Card type II that handles decryption of video and ensures that only people that have paid for a channel may view it.
For any provider, the trouble with deploying hardware is cost, management and support. Contending with costs and management of devices has its own challenges and those challenges increase exponentially when supporting consumer owned equipment.
WORLDPIPE’s VSTB application is a stand-alone, centrally managed Cardless Conditional Access System (CAS). This is advanced-level encryption, encapsulation and authentication/authorized security for any type of deployment scenario. There are no up-front CAPEX costs for WORLDPIPE’s VSTB. Being completely software, the VSTB is light weight, easy to deploy and manage - all controlled from WORLDPIPE’s CRM/CMDB. In regards to consumer owned endpoint support; don’t fix it – deploy a new one. WORLDPIPE’s VSTB is a next generation control and security solution all in a disposable transport application.

VSTB Endpoint w/VPN

•   only allows authenticated remote access

  makes use of encryption techniques for transmission of data.

•   bridge network layers together. Connect network(s) Layer 2 (Private Cloud) to Layer 3 (Internet)

With an embedded VPN client, the VSTB receives and decodes signal ONLY broadcasted from WORLDPIPE's Headend.

WORLDPIPE’s VSTB product enables any Windows or Android device to become a TV grade set-top box.
Every enrolled (consumer owned) endpoint is an active node on a private network

OTT framework and security complies with rebroadcast contracts